foggy day, but still one more day closer to the weekend. which means wonderful people and evoooollllvvvveeee! weeee!!! today I learned: there is a town in alaska that has had a cat as mayor for 15 years. also, several astronauts- after being on space walks- have said that space smells like a mix of “seared steak, piping hot metal, and arc welding smoke”. next, in 1880 the queen of thailand drowned while her subjects watched because they were forbidden to touch her. finally, guinness bought every british soldier in WWII a pint on christmas day. they would pay half the soldier’s wages to their families while at war, guaranteed them a job upon returning, paid for funeral expenses, vacations, childrens’ education, scholarships, AND paid wages 20% higher than any other breweries. nice, guinness. vuuury nice.


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