met the most incredible man yesterday, and woke up still excited about the new acquaintanceship this morning. gaaad I love authentic people. HOKAY. SO. today I learned: the normal human body temperature is 97.9 degrees fahrenheit, not 98.6 (as commonly cited), because someone rounded before converting their units. also, movie theaters mark up popcorn an average of 1275 percent (boo!). next, the hubble can identify something only 10-24 kms across at a distance of 4.7 billion kms. that’s the equivalent of seeing a red blood cell 1 km away (!!!!!). finally, bob ross donated all of the paintings from the tv shows to PBS stations across the country 🙂 what a guy!!! bonus (cause it blew my mind a little bit): the US has one of the most efficient and extensive freight rail systems in the world, nearly twice as efficient as the european and japanese systems. …really?!



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