tis almost friday, for all you 9-5ers like me. BRING AWN THE WEEKEND. today I learned: the boy scouts of america openly discriminates atheists, agnostics, and homosexuals :(. also, the majority of people will consume a whopping 0 spiders in their lifetime (spiders flee from breath, and it would need to jump or fall into the [open] mouth from a long distance, which makes the odds pretty astronomical of a spider being eaten during sleep). YESSS. next,  there are no walmarts in new york city due to intense opposition from local unions and politicians. aaand finally, by 25 BC, ancient romans developed a recipe for concrete specifically used for underwater work, which is the same formula used today. incredible. oh, and kal penn (kumar from harold and kumar) is vegetarian while woody harrelson is vegan, so kal had to get special vegetarian burgers made at white castle, while woody had to eat custom-made twinkies for zombieland. 


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