today I learned: the grizzly bear will ferrell wrestled in the movie “semi-pro” killed its trainer shortly after the scene was shot. yyiiiikes. also, after the 1900 olympics, croquet was discontinued because only 1 spectator watched the event. next, the venom of the brazilian wandering spider can cause an erection that lasts for hours (to which someone replied “every time I get bit by the brazilian wandering spider, my wife gets bit by the american ‘I have a headache and have to work early tomorrow’ wombat” hahaha. but in all seriousness, the bite causes a crazy swelling of the extremities including the weiner, aaand can cause impotence and death…). FINALLY, a pitbull rose to the rank of sergeant through combat alone during WWI, and was given numerous awards for his service. bonus: dave chappelle is the only person to have done commercials for both coke AND pepsi. yesssss.


One thought on “27/07/12

  1. jimbob juggaloo says:

    Go Stubby Go!

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