today I learned: olympic gold is only 1% gold. NICE GUYS. on the sameish note, the lead singer of rammstein was selected as one of the final candidates to compete for germany’s swimming team in the 1980 olympics. next, the character in titanic who drinks from a flask and rides the ship down into the ocean with jack and rose is based on a real person who did just that. he survived and thanked the alcohol. finally, alcatraz was once the only federal penitentiary in the US that provided hot showers for its inmates. prison staff reasoned that inmates who were used to warm, comfortable water would not be able to withstand the freezing san francisco bay during an escape attempt. am I the only one who had no idea virtually all prisoners had to shower in cold water? what’s next? being forced to drink your orange juice AFTER brushing your teeth?!? THE HORROR!


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