today I learned: target’s customer tracking algorithms are so good, they figured out a teen girl was pregnant, and broke the news to her father by accident. next, comic book legend stan lee was one of the 9 men who, upon enlisting in WWII, were hired as “playwrights” for the US army. among the other 9 playwrights were dr. seuss and director frank capra. also, in 1973, a serial killer purchased an old hearse, telling people at his favourite bar that he needed the vehicle to haul all the people he killed to his private cemetery. he was telling the truth. finally (and the one I’ve been super excited to post), a man in Iran tried to rob a bank after paying $500 to a wizard to make him invisible. thinking no one could see him, he strolled into a bank in tehran and started snatching money out of people’s hands. hahahahahaha.


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