Monthly Archives: August 2012


today I learned: daniel radcliffe is a recovering alcoholic who started drinking during the last few harry potter movies. also, a contestant on ‘the price is right’ dropped three chips into the plinko board which all landed on the $10,000 slot, because fishing lines used to rig the game were accidentally left in after an advertisement was taped. yikes! next, during argentina’s dictatorship, opponents to the regime were drugged, flown out over the atlantic, and pushed out of planes alive with weights attached to their feet so now bodies would be found as evidence. what le hell. finally, in rare cases, popping a pimple in the so-called “danger triangle” can lead to facial paralysis, brain infections/meningitis, and even death. DUN DUN DUNNNN… bonus: before george w. bush took office, aides from the clinton administration removed all the “w” keys from the keyboards in the white house. hahahah.



today I learned: two different people have committed suicide after being interviewed by nancy grace. one shot herself, and the other set herself on fire. yeeeesh. also, bella and edward’s relationship in the twilight series meets all fifteen criteria set by the national domestic violence hotline for being an abusive relationship. next, guy de maupassant (a 19th century french writer) ate lunch at the base of the eiffel tower almost every day because he hated it and that was the only place in paris from which he could not see it. hahahah. finally, the director of the truman show wanted to install a video camera in every theatre and have the projectionist cut from the film to the video of the viewers in the cinema. now that would have been awesome.


today I learned: a chemist in france can unboil eggs (WHAT!!!!) also, disney wanted robin williams for the voice of the genie in aladdin so much that they animated and lip-synced the genie doing actual stand-up comedy from williams before ever approaching him. williams was so impressed that he immediately signed on. next, possession of child pornography in the united states often results in a harsher sentence than actually molesting a child would. let’s…change…this? extra one before the finale: petroleum companies bought the rights to battery patents and sued anyone who used them (with gag orders). ARGH! aand finally, if officials awarded lance armstrong’s 2005 tour de france title to the next fastest finisher who has never been linked to doping, they’d have to give it to the 23rd place finished.


today I learned: the kids- er, I mean, moms- from ‘teen mom’ get paid upwards of $150,000 per season. they also get rating bonuses and are fed lines from the director. next, adidas was founded by two german brothers, adi and rudi dassler. after a disagreement, rudi went on to create puma. also, 86 year-old blues artist B.B king still plays over 100 shows a year (!!!). aaand finally, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin had to remember not to close the door on the eagle lunar lander because it had no outside door handle. hahah. rest in peace, sweet man. (eh, screw it. here’s another: a former italian porn star became a politician and continued to make adult movies while a member of the parliament. I still think that makes her better than many of the politicians we have in parliament today. YEAH I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT YOU, STEPHEN HARPER)


today I learned: if you inhale a pea, it can sprout and grow in your lungs. also, NASA cannot bring birds into space because birds need gravity to swallow. next, in fight club, the line “I haven’t been f—ed like that since grade school” was a replacement for “I want to have your abortion”. fox objected to the use of the original line but wanted to go back after reading the new line, but couldn’t because of the deal they made with david fincher. finally, the term “white trash” was invented by blacks as a racial epithet against whites too poor to own slaves. MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. oh, and because I didn’t post yesterday….bill nye was a student of carl sagan. droooooool.


today I learned: malcom x copied every entry in the dictionary and read it out loud to become a better reader and writer. also, despite having the tag line “gotta catch ’em all”, ash ketchum only caught 43/649 pokemon. FOR SHAME. next, the three stooges were on hitler’s personal death list. aaand finally, mozart wrote a “mirror” duet for two violins. the second violin’s part is played by turning sheet music upside down and using the same notes. what a friggin genuis. bonus: after kurt cobain’s death, his hometown of aberdeen, WA, changed their town motto to “come as you are”.


today I learned: bob barker is part sioux native american, was in the navy, and studied karate under chuck norris. also, upon death, james randi (psychic debunker) wants to be cremated and the ashes blown into uri geller (psychic)’s eyes. hahahah. next, there is a place in minnesota where you can drive a tank and smash cars into it (!!!). finally, in germany, there are fake bus stops outside many nursing homes to prevent confused older adults (with dementia) from wandering off (instead, they’ll wait for the bus to bring them home. so friggin sad!!!!). oh, and ghengis khan conquered the world not on war horses, but on ponies 🙂


today I learned: 1% of static on an untuned analog TV is from cosmic background radiation of the big bang. also, when pursued, kangaroos will retreat to bodies of water…so they can hold their pursuer under and drown them. next, in 1984 to prove to people that leprosy is difficult to catch through close contact, pope john paul II kissed a number of lepers in a south korean leper colony. finally, helen keller was a radical socialist and the FBI monitored her because of it (!!!). oh, and in 2005, snapple tried to make the world’s largest popsicle, but instead the 17.5 tons of ice melted prematurely and flooded union square in downtown manhattan with kiwi-strawberry-flavoured fluid. SOUNDS LIKE FUN TO ME!


today I learned: though potatoes are native to the americas, the majority of the world’s potatoes are grown in asia. and though soybeans are native to asia, the majority of the world’s soybeans are grown in the americas. next, liza minnelli accepted the role of “lucille 2” in arrested development only because it was ron howard who had asked her personally; liza minnelli babysat ron howard when he was a little boy. next, there is a convicted cannibal (issei sagawa) living as a free man in japan due to a loophole in the law. he was checked into a psych ward, then found “sane but evil”, and then checked himself out as a free man. finally, charles manson’s mother once sold him to a waitress for a pitcher of beer. his uncle retrieved him some days later. yeeeesh, parenting, people. HEARD OF IT?!


today I learned: in 2005, swedish millionaire johan eliasch purchased a 400,000-acre area of land in the heart of the amazon rainforest from a logging company for the sole purpose of its preservation :). also, toyota altis ads featuring brad pitt were banned from malaysia after the country’s deputy information minister ruled that pitt’s handsome appearance may make malaysian countrymen feel inferior. hahah. next, when someone tickles you, the laughter is a panic response. that’s why you can’t tickle yourself, as your body never senses any real dangers. fiiinally, two japanese pole vaulters tied for silver in the 1936 olympics. as a result, one was awarded the bronze. so, they had their metals split in half back home and got them fused as half-silver half-bronze in a showing of friendship. awesome. oh, and betty white offered to do a nude scene in ‘the proposal’…at 87 years old. CHYEA BETTY WHITE!