today I learned: the beastie boys are/were (RIP) feminists. they even publicly apologized for their first album, ‘licensed to ill’, for being homophobic. also, unstable uranium, if constantly observed, does not decay- but does when under observation. this is called the ‘quantum zeno effect’. NEAT. next, bob dylan has been following an endless tour schedule (self-dubbed ‘the never ending tour’) since 1988, consistently delivering roughly 100 shows a year world-wide. wowee. finally, there is a study called “the effects of peanut butter on the rotation of the earth” that is co-authored by hundreds of physicists. it is only one sentence long: “so far as we can determine, peanut butter has no effect on the rotation of the earth.” hahahaha. how enlightening.


2 thoughts on “03/08/12

  1. Oh boy that is very interesting.

    I’d like to further this research by smearing peanut butter all over my girlfriend Kayla Amos and taking nude photos of her.

  2. Matt Chamois says:

    That is rather strange.

    I’m more curious about the Uranium factoid, is there a typo in there? It seems a little contradicting.

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