morning lovely people. today I learned: the largest study to ever look into drug harms was published yesterday, and it placed alcohol in the top four, after heroin, crack, and crystal meth. also, diane van deren, one of the world’s top ultra-runners, didn’t start running until a seizure crippled her ability to form new memories. she not has the psychological advantage of never knowing how far she has left to run. next, american school buses are yellow because you see yellow faster than any other colour- 1.24 times faster than red, in fact! FINALLY, koko the gorilla (known for her ability to use sign language), named a kitten ‘all ball’. all ball died in an accident and koko signed that she was sad. she then cried alone when no one was around. I’ve attached the [short] video to this post in case anyone, like me, gets a brain orgasm from getting to peek into the minds of non-human animals.


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