today I learned: male chicks are of no use to the egg industry, so they are either suffocated in garbage bags with waste, or shoveled together by the hundreds and conveyed into a grinder while still alive. AAAHHH! TOO SAD! MORE HAPPY! okok. the westboro baptist church is now forbidden to protest within 300 feet of military funerals, a bill newly signed by obama. PHEW. next, the catholic church considers the theory of evolution to be “virtually certain”, and believes that intelligent design “isn’t science even though it pretends to be”. that’s very nice. FINALLY, the location of the world’s tallest tree, ‘hyperion’, is kept secret from all but a select few scientists. why? because once people have found out about our other incredibly tall or old trees, they’ve quickly been burned or cut down. booooooo


3 thoughts on “09/08/12

  1. Christine says:

    Not to be even more of a downer, but they grind down the male chick into feed for the female chicks. The farming industry’s efficiency is downright cruel a lot of the time. 😦

    But yay for WBC bill signed by Obama. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

  2. Matt Chamois says:

    Keep it up. Make tomorrow happier though please.

  3. mauisgreen says:

    as much as I’d like to always have happy posts, I feel learning information that isn’t always the most positive is important. it catalyzes change. I’ll try, instead, to balance out the posts if ever I feel the need to post something less-than-blissful 🙂

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