today I learned: robert downey jr. claims burger king saved his life from his drug addiction. during a stop at BK in 2003 with a car full of “tons of f—ing dope”, he ate a burger he found to be so disgusting, that it made him rethink his life, throwing all the drugs into the ocean. also, due to the high ratio of atmospheric density to surface gravity on saturn’s moon, titan, humans could fly by simply strapping on a pair of wings. NEAT. next, (and this one’s for the twiny’s who’s in singapore), on august 9th 1965, singapore was expelled from malaysia, becoming the first and only country to date to achieve independence unwillingly. ffiiiinnnaallly (and this is one I’ve been excited to share), george clooney inquired about guest starring on south park. he was offered the role of stan’s dog. he accepted, voicing several very good barks. jay leno has also provided the meows for cartman’s cat. absolutely amazing.


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