today I learned: matt groening was once strip searched in airport security. as he was led away, a little boy laughed at him like nelson from the simpsons. groening found the mockery the worst part of the incident. hahah. next, freddy mercury never had his teeth fixed because he was afraid it would change the sound of his singing. also, in the US, if your dog needs a kidney transplant, you can take one from a stray animal. the only stipulation is that you adopt the donor animal afterwards, so that “two lives are saved, rather than one lost to kidney disease and one to euthanasia”…yeesh. fiiiinally, after making 1.4 billion crayons, the senior crayon maker for crayola admitted he was colour blind (!!!!). oh, and since I was absent yesterday…wombat poop is cubed. I’ll just leave you with that.


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