today I learned: the mississauga mayor is 91 years old and is currently serving her 12th term (YAY CANADA). also, pete conrad’s first words on the moon were said in order to win a $500 bet, proving that he was not given a script of what to say when walking on the moon. his words were “whooppeee! man, that may have been a small one for neil, but that’s a long one for me”, then, after taking a step, he said “ooooh, is that soft and queasy”. hahahahahha. next, alexander the great expressed in his last will and testament the desire to see “transplant of populations from asia to europe and in the opposite direction from europe to asia, in order to bring the largest continent to common unity and to friendship by means of intermarriage and family ties”. how sweet. aaand finally, pluto is as big as russia. WOAH.

3 thoughts on “14/08/12

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Hazel May (Mississauga Mayor) has been under a lot of heat of late for some conflict of interest issues with her son.

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey! I had to delete my fb account and start fresh with a new one (work related stuff…) and now I can’t find you on there. Your albums are too good, and your friendship is pretty cool too. Add me again haha.


  3. Matt Chamois says:

    Hazel McCallion* not Hazel May.

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