today I learned: the modern olympics used to have competitions in the arts alongside athletics. they included architecture, painting, music, sculpture, and literature (!!). also, the guinness book for records was originally published by guinness breweries as a reference for settling pub arguments. next, 10 years ago, and eight-year-old boy had his arm bitten off by a shark. his uncle got so mad that he grabbed the 7-foot-long shark and dragged it to shore. the shark was killed, the arm removed from his stomach, and reattached to the boy, who made nearly a full recovery. this last one kind of blew my mind last night by explaining something I never quite understood. the chills you get when listening to music are caused by the release of dopamine in your body. y’know, that addictive happy neurochemical in that brain of yours. YEAH KNOWLEDGE!!!


One thought on “16/08/12

  1. Paul St-Onge says:

    MMMM delicious knowledge!!

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