today I learned: in 1945, frank sinatra cancelled a $10,000 gig and traveled to gary, indiana to convince white high school students striking against integration to return to school. sinatra called it “the most shameful incident in the history of american education”. on the same note, muhammad ali threw his olympic medal into an ohio river to protest racial discrimination in america. next, freddie mercury’s album “mr bad guy” was dedicated “to my cat jerry- also tom, oscar, and tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe- screw everybody else”. NICE, FREDDY, NICE. finally, pencils have always used graphite for writing- the danger during the 1950s and before came from the lead-based paint on the pencil. I had no idea. as a bonus (since I was MIA yesterday), in 1986, a beer drinking goat was elected mayor of a small town in texas. not so far off from some of the humans that have been elected there, I must say…

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