today I learned: the kids- er, I mean, moms- from ‘teen mom’ get paid upwards of $150,000 per season. they also get rating bonuses and are fed lines from the director. next, adidas was founded by two german brothers, adi and rudi dassler. after a disagreement, rudi went on to create puma. also, 86 year-old blues artist B.B king still plays over 100 shows a year (!!!). aaand finally, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin had to remember not to close the door on the eagle lunar lander because it had no outside door handle. hahah. rest in peace, sweet man. (eh, screw it. here’s another: a former italian porn star became a politician and continued to make adult movies while a member of the parliament. I still think that makes her better than many of the politicians we have in parliament today. YEAH I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT YOU, STEPHEN HARPER)

3 thoughts on “28/08/12

  1. Anonymous says:

    your posts are awesome and always a pleasure to read! Keep them coming!

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