today I learned: two different people have committed suicide after being interviewed by nancy grace. one shot herself, and the other set herself on fire. yeeeesh. also, bella and edward’s relationship in the twilight series meets all fifteen criteria set by the national domestic violence hotline for being an abusive relationship. next, guy de maupassant (a 19th century french writer) ate lunch at the base of the eiffel tower almost every day because he hated it and that was the only place in paris from which he could not see it. hahahah. finally, the director of the truman show wanted to install a video camera in every theatre and have the projectionist cut from the film to the video of the viewers in the cinema. now that would have been awesome.

2 thoughts on “30/08/12

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Nancy Grace is a total disgrace. When the Duke Lacrosse team was being reviewed and a couple of it’s members were being charged with rape, she spent about two weeks only talking about that group of men and how terrible they were and essentially tortured them on air the entire time. Then when it was found that the stripper was making everything up, she never apologized and never spoke about the subject again. She was reprimanded by her television station because of how she handled it, essentially charging and convicting them before the trial had even started. She is a complete waste of skin.

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