Monthly Archives: September 2012


today I learned: not only is shirley temple still alive, she has also been the ambassador to czechoslovakia and ghana, survived breast cancer, served on the board of directors of bank of america, and ran unsuccessfully for the house of representatives. holy hell. also, there are only two jews left in afghanistan, and they both hate each other so much that they each have their own private synagogue. next, while the beatles were recording “get back”, paul mccartney would look at yoko ono while singing the line “get back to where you once belonged”. aaand finally, upon becoming the first black man to obtain a phd from harvard, w.e dubois said “the honor, I assure you, was harvard’s”



today I learned: victoria woodhull (an american leader of the woman suffrage movement) ran for president in 1872 before women could vote, and nominated the freed slave frederick douglas as her running mate. fanfriggintastic. also, a scientist, to prove that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria and not stress, drank a beaker of the bacterium. he developed stomach ulcers and won the nobel prize in medicine. next, in 2009, burger king launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on facebook, you were entitled to a free whopper. the ex-friend would then receive a message explaining that their friendship was less valuable than a whopper. hahaha. finally, leo fender, the inventor of fender guitars, never knew how to play the guitar. go figure. 


today I learned: albert einstein and his first wife had a daughter, but no one seems to know what happened to her after she was a year old. also, a study found that while men were only aroused by porn that fit their sexual orientation (so, if heterosexual, they’d only be aroused by hetero porn), whereas women were aroused by all porn regardless of its orientation. next, the screenwriter of “cast away” deliberately stranded himself on an isolated beach for a week to experience how tom hanks’ character would have to search for water, food, and shelter. during this time, a volleyball washed up on shore, inspiring the “wilson” character. aaand finally, james madison proposed the creation of a national brewery and the addition of a “secretary of beer” to the cabinet. hahaha. friday bonus: mike rowe (host of dirty jobs) used to be a professional opera singer. awesome.


today I learned: the distance between europe and africa is only 36 miles, and there are talks of creating the longest bridge ever. also, an 18 year old freshman funded his education by asking 2.8 million people for one penny. awesome. next, the original surveyors of mount everest lied and added 2 feet to its height to make it 29,002 feet, because they didn’t think people would believe them if they said it was really 29,000 feet high. finally, napoleon requested a communication method that would not require light or sound. the result was ‘night writing’, a tactile military code that was rejected as too difficult for napoleon’s troops…but which became the basis for braille. bonus (for no particular reason): every time ian mckellen stays at a hotel with a bible in the bedside table, he rips out the page containing a quote from leviticus that is against homosexuality 🙂


today I learned: the highest paid hedge fund manager made $3 billion last year. that’s just under $1.5 million dollars an hour….. also, adolf hitler was the first one to name a weapon an “assault rifle”. next, 2010 is the first year since 1974 that christopher walken was in no movies. finally, nearly every top mcdonald’s monopoly prize from 1995-2000 was fraudulently won by a group of insiders. oh, and just as a kick in the pants: more US states allow sex with animals than gay marriage. nice guys, reaaaal nice.


today I learned: elmer fudd originally wanted to shoot bugs bunny with a camera. he was just trying to take wildlife photos when bugs drove him insane, nearly drowning him (which then caused elmer to become a vegetarian who enjoys hunting for the sport of it). also, john young (an american astronaut) smuggled a roast beef sandwich into space. next, dropping molten glass into cold water produces a tadpole-like shape whose head can withstand hammer blows, but which explodes violently if its tail is damaged. finally, alex the parrot’s last words to his caretaker were, “you be good. I love you.” man I love animals.


today I learned: portabello mushrooms, button mushrooms, and white mushrooms are all the same mushroom at different levels of maturity. also, until 2008, walmart de mexico was paying its employees with vouchers only redeemable at walmart. WHAT!!!!! next, it is now illegal in 21 states for employers to refuse to hire someone who smokes or uses tobacco products (!!!!). aaaand finally, eddie van halen actually started out playing the drums. he bought a drum set and his brother bought a guitar. when his brother got better at the drums than he did, eddie said “ok, f*** you, I’ll play your guitar”. monday bonus: goldeneye 64 was created by 9 people, 8 of which had never worked on a game before (also, the multiplayer was an afterthought, created by one guy)


today I learned: during the siege of jerusalem in 1917, the british, in an effort to capture the city, started to airdrop cigarettes filled with large doses of opium, hoping that the ottomans would get too high to fight. it worked. also, male dolphins assert their authority by forcefully raping other male (what a beautiful species, amiright?). next, researchers have printed out a beating mouse heart by using a modified printer with cells in the ink cartridge. finally, a synchronized, 1 million person toilet flush is being being planned in zimbabwe to clear up a backed-up sewer system (!!!). oh, and just FYI, jack daniels will sell you a barrel of whiskey for about $10,000. WHAT A STEAL.


today I learned: when a pope dies, it is tradition to strike him three times on the head with a silver hammer to ensure he is actually dead. also, the part of “jackie” on that 70s show asked for an 18 year old girl. mila kunis, being 14, said she would be 18 on her birthday without specifying which birthday…and won the part. next, there is a small island in the US state of virginia. its inhabitants speak the same language as its settlers in 1686- some linguists consider it the closest surviving accent to shakespearean english. aaand finally, the woman who won $2.9 million by suing mcdonalds over spilled hot coffee asked only $20,000 to cover her medical bills. weekend bonus: bill gates wrote a letter to steve jobs as he was dying, who kept it beside his bed! FRIENDS!


today I learned: walking through doorways causes you to forget some information because it creates an ‘event boundary’ in each room (you remember things best in the place you learned them, remember, my beautiful psych friends?). also, cats have kidneys that are so efficient that they can rehydrate by drinking seawater. next, in 1939, the US and canada refused to accept 937 jews who were last to escape nazi germany, and despite desperate attempts of (non-jewish) german captain to ensure the safety for these passengers, they were forced to return to europe, where many of them later died in concentration camps. BAD CANADA! BAD!! finally, the incredible hulk’s green skin colour was originally a result of a printing error that stan lee liked. he was really just supposed to be grey. NEATO.