today I learned: there is a mysterious pit in nova scotia where it is believed pirates stayed looooong ago. excavation started in 1795, but to this day what’s at the bottom of the hole remains a mystery. it is also believed that there exists a treasure down there, and that before it can be found, 7 people must die. 6 have died so far. next, there is a disease nicknamed ‘ondine’s curse’ which causes sufferers to die if they fall asleep (their breathing isn’t activated at night, and therefor they must have a tracheotomy tube in place at all time). also, the glottis (the opening in which air passes through when we breathe) expands when we are under heavy stress for increased oxygen intake. this causes the lump you feel in your throat when you’re stressed/upset! COOL! finally, in 1962, american scientists detonated an h-bomb in space. there was no fireball because there wasn’t any oxygen, but the blast was captured in now unclassified film footage. 


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