today I learned: kangaroos hop because they can’t move their legs independently. also, neurologist oliver sacks reported a case of a man whose perception of time was so radically skewed that it took him several hours to wipe his nose, even though he felt like he was doing it at a normal rate. woah. next, a seventh grader in florida won her school science fair by proving that ice in fast food restaurants contains more bacteria than toilet water. yeeeesh. and finally, john lennon intentionally made the lyrics to “I am a walrus” make no sense to confuse the students he heard were trying to analyze beatles songs. after recording the song he said, “let the f****ers work that one out”. bonus for some present-day pride: teen pregnancy rates are actually at their lowest since the 1970s 🙂

P.S: for the love of knowledge, if you’ve ever wondered about details concerning wikileaks (trick question- everyone has), please take a look at this neat infographic: 


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