today I learned: with inflation, the original star wars made the equivalent of $1,428,519,200 today. also, there is a species of lizard that is 100% female. nicknamed the “lesbian lizards”, they still participate in mating rituals in which they mount each other. this stimulates egg production without any gene transfer. NEAT-O GANG. next (shamefully), real estate agents used to use a business practice called “blockbusting”, in which they would buy a home in a white neighbourhood, rent it to a black family, and buy the rest of the neighbourhood at a discounted price after urging nervous white families to leave the neighbourhood. wow. finally, wearing sunglasses makes you more susceptible to becoming sunburned. sunlight stimulates the optic nerve and warns the pituitary gland, which then results in the release of melanocyte-stimulating protein in an attempt to prevent burns.


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