today I learned: in 1988, cosmo magazine published an article claiming that heterosexuals had little risk of contracting HIV, and that transmission was impossible in the missionary position, long after the best scientific evidence stated otherwise (so, uh, STOP READING MAGAZINES!!! exceptions: psychology today, rolling stone, american scientific and national geographic). also, the terms “white meat” and “dark meat” come from the victorian era when people were too embarrassed to use the words “leg” and “breast”. next, male lobsters’ bladders are in their heads, and when they fight, they squirt each other in the face with urine (fighting dirty, are we boys?). aaand finally, professor david nutt (psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist), and UK’s chief advisor on drugs policy, was fired in 2009 when all his research suggested that ecstasy and marijuana were less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. science? more like SIGHence! (…just…just let me get away with it)


One thought on “20/09/12

  1. MC says:

    Hi Mau, it’s Mel! I just found and crept your blog -well, all of September! But it’s an excellent blog! Light, fun and informative! I shall enjoy creeping July and August when I need a break from all my studying!

    All the best pretty girl,


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