today I learned: in the super mario RPG, there’s an item found under peach’s bed called toadstool’s ???, which she scolds you for finding. in japan, it’s called XXX and is implied to be a sex toy. hahaha. next, the five flags on the moon only cost $5.50 in the 1960s and have all turned white from bleaching by sunlight. also, dave grohl entered a state of depression, but then recorded an entire album himself including vocals, guitar, bass, and drum tracks, finishing the album in under a week. the album became foo fighter’s second best selling album ever, and it received a lot of good reviews. finally, the working title for “snakes on a plane” was changed to “pacific air flight 121” during filming, but samuel l. jackson insisted that they change it back because, he later said, “that’s the only reason I took the job– I read the title”


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