today I learned: the word “nothing” was elizabethan slang for vagina and the play “much ado about nothing” was a shameless, dirty pun. also, scientists aren’t really sure why we require sleep. according to one researcher with 50 years of experience in the field, “as far as we know, the only reason we need it that is really, really solid is that we get sleepy”. next, before alarm clocks were invented, there was a profession called a “knocker-up”, which involved going from client to client and tapping on their windows (or banging on their doors) with long sticks until they were awake. it lasted into the 1920s. finally, christian, judaic, and islamic texts all ban interests on loans. bonus (for no particular reason): the invention of tea bags was an accident. the tea was meant to be removed from the bags before being used, but nobody told the first recipients that! HA!


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