today I learned: youtube has 8 years of content uploaded every day (!!!). also, one of the original names thought up for hannah montana was alexis texas. next, in 1957, a grandmother was hit in the face by a foul ball at a phillies/giants game. as she was being carried out of the stadium on a stretcher, the very next pitch- another foul ball- hit her again. finally, if north korea used its largest nuclear bomb on the empire state building, it wouldn’t even reach central park. regardless….go canada. oh, and in the tv series “lassie”, timmy never actually falls in a well. in fact, the only character to fall in a well in any of the 588 episodes is lassie. hahaha.



One thought on “23/10/12

  1. Shomar says:

    Alexis Texas… that would have been so so bad

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