today I learned: in 1981, 8 percent of personal bankruptcies in the states cited medical costs as a contributing factor, compared to 62 percent in 2009. also, there is a massive monument in georgia (US) which gives instructions in 8 languages on how to rebuild a “better” society after an unknown apocalyptic event, while also functioning as a compass, calendar, and clock. NEAT. next, the man who is the voice of spongebob (tom kenny), is married to the voice of plankton’s computer wife/karen (jill tilley). aaand finally, some vegans won’t eat figs, because when the figs are pollinated by a female wasp, the fig’s inward facing flowers trap the wasp, and her corpse is digested by enzymes in the fig. I am truly sorry if any vegans now won’t eat figs anymore. I’m sure you will miss them greatly. hahahahahaha. figs.


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