today I learned: there was a time capsule buried in 1968 in amarillo texas containing the passbook to a bank account with a $10 deposit, expected to be worth $1 quadrillion when it is opened in 2968. also, a sociopathic 10 year old girl killed two boys. one of the crime scenes was described by the inspector as “there was a terrible playfulness about it.. and somehow the playfulness of it made it more, rather than less, terrifying”. she was convicted and then released at the age of 23. next, greek statues were carved with a small penis because having a bigger package was considered grotesque and disgusting. finally, there was a man who was blind at 10 months old, but underwent surgery to give him vision at the age of 52. however, being able to see terrified and confused him so much that he committed suicide 2 years after the surgery :(. monday bonus: the oldest stone tools found are dated from 2.7-2.9 million years ago…and the species who made them is unknown. COOL.


One thought on “29/10/12

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Man, I would had been a big success in Greece back in the day

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