today I learned: there is a word for the day after tomorrow: overmorrow. also, antoile lavoisier, an 18th century french chemist, decided to do a final experiment and told his college that he would try to blink as long as possible after being beheaded. some sources say he continued to blink for 30 seconds. heh… next, the producer of the james bond movies is a woman. she casts bond, his ladies, aaaand decides the stories. barbara broccoli has been in business for 30 years and is leading the most successful cinema franchise. GURL POWER!!~*~!! finally, there is a cheetah “supermom” who is known to have mothered at least 10 percent of all the adult cheetahs in the southern serengeti. woah. oh, and hurricane bonus (hahah): walt disney hired 11 dwarfs for the premiere of pinocchio to dress up like puppets and greet children. left with a day’s worth of food and wine, by mid-afternoon there were 11 naked dwarfs running around screaming obscenities at the crowd. good job guys. good job. 


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