Monthly Archives: November 2012


today I learned: jack daniels ran away at the age of 6, and learned to make whisky from a lutheran minister. also, in 1882, a house (5 ft wide, 4 stories high, and 104 feet deep) was erected on lexicon avenue in new york city to “spite” the neighbour and block his views. it was, of course, known as the “spite house”. next, bill murray dropped out of pre-med because he was arrested for marijuana possession. he then proceeded to join the national lampoon radio hour with dan aykroyd and john belushi. finally, some nigerian prince scammers use bad english and a dumb premise, not because they’re actually clueless, but because they want only the biggest suckers to respond, allowing them to dedicate their time and efforts to people who might actually pay up. *on a very serious note*: yesterday, syria was disconnected from the internet. all 84 of syria’s IP address blocks are now unreachable, which means they country has zero access to the internet right now. everyone should be aware of this.



today I learned: a chicken, mike, lived for a year and a half without his head. also, an american charity pays drug addicts roughly $300 to get sterilized (errr, not so ethical?). next, the famous vietnam execution photograph taken by eddie adams (of a soldier pointing a pistol at what appears to be a civilian victim) is actually the execution of a murderer by a police/security officer. finally, there are 2 chemically different kinds of tears. the first type: the kind you shed while cutting onions, which contains but salt and water, and the second: the kind you shed while in emotional pain, which actually rids your body of toxins and stress hormones. so sob away, friends. it’ll make ya feel better.


today I learned: mount everest has around 200 dead bodies which are now landmarks along the way up. also, a psychologist convicted of marijuana possession escaped from prison after cheating on a psychology test that he designed himself so that he was placed in a lower security prison. next, r kelly is illiterate. finally, karl pilkington’s (english comedian) brother was kicked out of the army for driving a tank down to the shop to buy smokes. bonus (because I am excited): there’s going to be a spin-off sequel of boy meets world called “girl meets world”. the original actors (cory and topanga) will be in it, and it will be about their 13 year old girl. CAN’T. WAIT.


today I learned: researchers recently discovered that smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning, and reasoning. also, a woman named irena sendler worked as a plumber in the warsaw ghetto during WWII, and saved over 2,500 jewish children, smuggling many of them out in her tool box. she was nominated for the nobel peace prize, and lost to al gore. next, whenever you hear the sound of a bald eagle on tv (think: the colbert report), you’re actually hearing a red-tailed hawk. bald eagles actually have more of a chirp. finally, there is a separate movie created from the deleted scenes of “anchorman” called “wake up ron burgundy”. you’re welcome.


today I learned: steve irwin was offered a state funeral following his death, however his dad rejected the government’s offer citing that steve would have wanted to have been remembered as “an ordinary bloke”. also, jim cummings, the voice of “winnie the pooh”, calls children who are in hospital to talk to them in character. next, women have twice as many pain receptors as men. aaand finally, there’s a man who was discovered unconscious in 2004 behind a dumpster with dissociative amnesia. he is the only american citizen officially listed as missing, despite his wherabouts being known. he is known as benjamin kyle, but does not actually know his real name, and despite everyone else’s efforts in aiding the man, no one seems to have recognized him after 8 years. even the fbi wasn’t able to help… perhaps you might?


today I learned: more people die each year in the US from STDs than all illegal drugs combined. also, a recent study found that porn sites are safer than normal sites. next, the guy who invented autopulot also founded the mile high club. finally, grasshoppers in urban areas are changing the tune of their courtship songs so they can be heard over the sound of traffic. WOAH.


today I learned: in many nordic cities, parents leave their children unattended in buggies in town, for long periods of time, while they have coffee or go shopping. also, americans waste as much as 40% of their food :(. next, there is a giant water vapor cloud in the middle of the cosmos that is 12 billion light years away, is 100,000 times larger than the sun, and holds about 140 trillion times more water than all of the earth’s oceans. finally, everyone expected the spanish inquisition, as they had to give 30 days warning. b-b-bonus: japan’s population is now so old, that sales of adult diapers now exceed those for babies. woah.


today I learned: minutes before the halifax explosion (the largest ever non-nuclear, man-made explosion), a dispatcher named vince coleman returned to his station to send a warning telegram, saving 300 lives at the cost of his own. also, 10% of all the humans who have ever lived are alive in the world right now. next, the skin of a honey badger is so thick that it can withstand multiple machete blows, arrows, and spears. wow. finally, van gogh shot himself in the chest and then went and smoked a few cigarettes before finally dying. friday bonus: on 9/11, canada landed 33,000 US bound passengers and 239 aircrafts in what is known as “operation yellow ribbon”. locals then housed and fed the strangers for days afterwards. go. canada.


today I learned: in 1973, after the who’s drummer keith moon passed out on stage, pete townshend asked the crowd, “can anybody play the drums? I mean somebody good!”, and a fan, scot halpin, volunteered to play and proceeded to finish the set. also, several parts of canada introduced a law that made “sorry” not a legal admission of guilt, partially ’cause it’s said so often. next, the first ever in-flight radio transmission was, “roy, come and get this goddamn cat”. finally, in february of 1863, there was a snowball fight amongst rival divisions of confederate troops in which approximately 10,000 soldiers participated. it was later described as “one of the most memorable combats of the war”.


today I learned: most dutch parents allow their teens to have “romantic sleepovers’, where they know in advance that their child is having a friend over to stay the night and have sex, and they approve of it. also, after balding at 21, sean connery was wearing a toupee in all his bond films. next, the first person to row solo across an ocean also once tried to commit suicide-by-jaguar (after a failed love affair). finally, zach galifianakis was approached by nike to be in their advertising after the success of the hangover. during a conference call, he broke the ice by asking, “so, do you guys still have 7-year-olds making your stuff?” hahaha