today i learned: there is a parasite that can only reproduce inside the stomach of cats. when it’s excreted in feces and eaten by a rat, the parasite rewires the rat’s brain to be attracted to cats. this same effect can occur in humans and is thought to be a reason behind the stereotypical “crazy cat person”. woah. also, the tunicate (sea squirt), once finding a suitable rock, will attach itself for life. at this point, it eats its own brain, deciding that it no longer needs it. hahaha. next, the US signed a treaty in 1977 banning the use of weather modification techniques for warfare (but warfare only. keep this in mind…). finally, ants can get stuck in a circular pheromone train, causing the entire colony to pinwheel forever until death. HA! WHAT!


One thought on “01/11/12

  1. This is funnily enough just the thing I’ve been rummaging for! Excellent and thanks!

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