today I learned: f scott fitzgerald made ernest hemingway look at his penis to see if it was of average size because fitzgerald’s wife zelda said the size of his penis could “never make any woman happy”. also, there’s a website that calls a customer service for you, navigates the phone tree, waits on hold, and rings your phone only when the rep is available. they have an expanding directory of over 3,000 companies…and it’s free. next, raggae is actually derived from ska, and not the other way around (WOAH). aaaand finally, the nigerian money scams we receive via e-mail date as far back as the 1830s, when they were attempted via POST!!!! whaaat!!!


One thought on “14/11/12

  1. Randy Stonewall says:

    soooo… was scotty’s penis adequate? also what customer service web site? i’d use that!

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