today I learned: in 1973, a drunk driver struck and killed the world’s most isolated tree in the middle of the sahara desert. also, despite being referred to as a satanist on more than one occasion, alice cooper is actually a devout christian. next, between 1939 and 1989 about 300,000 new-born babies have been stolen in hospitals by a child trafficking network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns. they just told the natural parents that their child had died. yeeesh. finally, breyer’s has cheapened up on the ingredients they use so much so that it is no longer considered “ice cream”. they now have to call it “frozen dairy dessert’. not cool breyers…not cool.


2 thoughts on “15/11/12

  1. Randy Stonewall says:

    u used the breyers fact in one of ur previous posts!!

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