today I learned: mountain dew’s first slogan was “ya-hoo mountain dew! it’ll tickle your innards!”. also, when astronauts return from space, they are usually around 2 inches taller. this is due to the low gravity in space that allows for the vertebrae in the spine to spread apart. next, despite the fact that his movies helped define what a “stoner film” was in the late 90s, kevin smith only recently began smoking regularly at the age of 38, after working with seth rogan on the set of zach and miri make a porno. finally, the fbi helped frame 4 men for a 1965 murder in order to protect an informant. 2 died in prison, and the other 2 served more than 30 years before being exonerated. POO. friday bonus: a man killed himself in order to prove that the after life exists. he arranged to have a spiritualist hear his voice from the other side. she never heard from him. womp, womp…


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