today I learned: the use of the phrase “checkmate” is a mispronunciation of the original persion, “shah mat!”, which means the king is helpless. also, snoop dog (er, snoop lion?) released a smokeable song book with the book’s content entirely printed on rolling paper. next, david yost, the blue power ranger in the original “mighty morphin power rangers” quit because of excessive homophobic harassment he endured on the set from the production crew. he also spent two years of his life trying to “pray the gay away” :(. finally, in turkish, the bird we call a turkey is called “hindi” (“from india”). in india, it’s called “peru”. in arabic, the bird is called “greek chicken”; in greek it’s called “french chicken”, and in french it’s called “indian chicken”. the bird is indigenous to none of these places (it’s from the states, in case you were wondering…)


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