today I learned: most dutch parents allow their teens to have “romantic sleepovers’, where they know in advance that their child is having a friend over to stay the night and have sex, and they approve of it. also, after balding at 21, sean connery was wearing a toupee in all his bond films. next, the first person to row solo across an ocean also once tried to commit suicide-by-jaguar (after a failed love affair). finally, zach galifianakis was approached by nike to be in their advertising after the success of the hangover. during a conference call, he broke the ice by asking, “so, do you guys still have 7-year-olds making your stuff?” hahaha

2 thoughts on “21/11/12

  1. Hey Maureen,

    It’s me, Daniel St-Jacques. I know we haven’t spoken in a few years but I want you to know I think you’re really cool. I think we could make it as more than just friends if you just moved back to Whitby and stopped whatever nonsense you are doing. Quit being cynical and come marry me because I’m the best thing you’ll ever get. So settle for me now.

    Love Always,


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