today I learned: a chicken, mike, lived for a year and a half without his head. also, an american charity pays drug addicts roughly $300 to get sterilized (errr, not so ethical?). next, the famous vietnam execution photograph taken by eddie adams (of a soldier pointing a pistol at what appears to be a civilian victim) is actually the execution of a murderer by a police/security officer. finally, there are 2 chemically different kinds of tears. the first type: the kind you shed while cutting onions, which contains but salt and water, and the second: the kind you shed while in emotional pain, which actually rids your body of toxins and stress hormones. so sob away, friends. it’ll make ya feel better.


2 thoughts on “29/11/12

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    The American charity (is that the right word) is actually taking their cues from a British organization that has been doing this for decades. While in theory, the idea has it’s merits, in practice, it is just dumb.

    • mauisgreen says:

      agreed. in alberta there were around 3000 people sterilized for various reasons (addicts, disabilities, that sort of thing). hitler himself called up the alberta government asking for some tips on his sterilization policy. yeeeesh. not ok, canada. not. ok.

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