today I learned: jack daniels ran away at the age of 6, and learned to make whisky from a lutheran minister. also, in 1882, a house (5 ft wide, 4 stories high, and 104 feet deep) was erected on lexicon avenue in new york city to “spite” the neighbour and block his views. it was, of course, known as the “spite house”. next, bill murray dropped out of pre-med because he was arrested for marijuana possession. he then proceeded to join the national lampoon radio hour with dan aykroyd and john belushi. finally, some nigerian prince scammers use bad english and a dumb premise, not because they’re actually clueless, but because they want only the biggest suckers to respond, allowing them to dedicate their time and efforts to people who might actually pay up. *on a very serious note*: yesterday, syria was disconnected from the internet. all 84 of syria’s IP address blocks are now unreachable, which means they country has zero access to the internet right now. everyone should be aware of this.


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