today I learned: in the early 1900s, “jay” was a slang term used to describe a naive or foolish person. thus, when a pedestrian decided to ignore the traffic signals and street signs, they were referred to as a “jaywalker”. also, after dante rosetti’s wife died, he buried her with the only copy of his unpublished poems. later, rosetti found himself suffering from writer’s block, so he dug her up and retrieved his poems. they were published and well-received by critics, but he never forgave himself for reopening her grave. next, on december 1st, 1948, a dead man bearing no identification was found on an australian beach. well-dressed in clothes with deliberately torn-out labels, in excellent physical condition, and having left behind a rare book containing a bizarre code, the man remains unidentified to this day. finally, 80% of females are able to achieve orgasms while wearing socks, compared to only 50% with bare feet. but…why?


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