today I learned: non-lubricated condoms are distributed among the armed forces not just for safe sex, but as an emergency water canteen. a non-lubricated condom is part of the US military standard issue parachute pack survival kit, and can carry a liter of water (!). also, frito-lay discontinued 100% biodegradable sunchips bags due to the crinkling of the bags causing “noise complaints”. damn. next, in the summer of 1995, the nickelodeon show ‘rugrats’ surpassed reruns of even seinfeld and frasier to become the most watched show among adult males aged 18-31. finally, x-rays are named such because rontgen didn’t have a name for them, and temporarily used the mathematical designation “x” for something unknown.

One thought on “10/12/12

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    The fact that condoms were made to hold a liter of “anything” is a little trippy.

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