today I learned: mayans still exist today. they will be celebrating a new era on december 21st, not the end of the world. also, when john lennon was asked if ringo starr was the best drummer in the world, he replied, “in the world? he’s not even the best drummer in the beatles!”. dick! next, brazil prisons offer their prisoners a reduced sentence of 4 days/book (for up to 48 days/year) for every book they read and write a report on. finally, after years of being incredibly successful, dave chappelle wanted to be able to connect with people again, rather than being fearful of getting hurt (as the media would constantly reportĀ falsities). in his own words, he “didn’t want [his] life to be about enforcing boundaries”, so he abruptly left his successful show and went to africa to reconnect with his humanity. watch the full video, it’s enlightening and refreshing.


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