today I learned: in 2007, a tennessee man on death row requested that, instead of a last meal, a pizza be donated to a local homeless person. the request was denied. also, charles guiteau chose an ivory-handled revolver to shoot president garfield because he wanted it to look nice when it was put on display in a museum after he used it. next, artist siren elise wilhelmsen designed a clock that knits a scarf a year. awesome. aaand finally, guy debord, french marxist literary theorist, published his first book with a sandpaper cover so that books placed next to it would be destroyed. end of ze world bonus: the idiom “turning a blind eye” is attributed to admiral horatio nelson who, in the midst of battle and given the permission to retreat by his superior, lifted the telescope to his eye (blinded from an earlier injury) and said, “I really do not see the signal”, and pressed on the attack. awesome story. oh, and just in case tomorrow never comes (nawwww it’s actually cause I just have an excess of knowledge I’d like to share on this special, non-end-of-the-world day): a guy, before committing suicide on the steps of harvard memorial church in front of a tour group of  30 people, wrote a 1,905-page suicide note and e-mailed it to over 400 people. some view it as a masterpiece of modern philosophy.


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