today I learned: fake smiling causes real happiness (this is not new in the world of psychology, either). also, 100 years ago, detroit electric automobiles were reliably getting 80 miles between recharging, and one test saw 211.3 miles on a single charge. take that, gasoline. next, nipple stimulation increases sexual arousal in 81.5% of women compared to just 51.7% of men. finally, monkeys escaped a primate research center in japan by using trees as catapults (….and were recaptured by luring them in with peanuts..). bonus (cause): when gnats (little flies) swarm around a seemingly random point in the air, they are actually having an orgy.


One thought on “16/01/13

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Yay for orgies! Boo for how annoying they are (when gnats are involved).

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