today I learned: a greek prime minister in the 1830s tried to spread the potato in greece but people weren’t interested so he put armed guards in front of the shipments of the potatoes so people would think they were important. it worked, because people later started stealing the potatoes which spread the crop to all of greece. also, on june 28th, 2009, stephen hawking threw a party for time-travelers. he announced the party the day after it happened, and according to hawking, no one came. next, a subaru production plant in indiana produces less waste in a year than an average family of 4 does in a week. it is also the only manufacturing plant that is a designated wildlife habitat, co-existing peacefully with local wildlife. finally, tobasco sauce takes over three years to make. because-it’s-my-younger-sister’s-birthday-bonus: applying male underarm sweat to a female’s upper lip helps relax her, boost her mood, and help regulate her menstrual cycle. you’re welcome and happy birthday, rachel.


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