today I learned: the pharmaceutical company merck developed a drug called ivermectin to treat river blindness. they donate it to 3rd world countries that can’t afford it, and sell it to farmers to treat workms in their animals. it has helped save millions of lives. also, glen howerton (dennis from it’s always sunny in philadelphia) is fluent in mandarin, spanish, and korean. next, when hitler forced the french to surrender during WWII, he did so on the site where the germans were forced to surrender in WWI. moreover, but he found the same train carriage used in WWI and forced the french to sign a surrender in that same train carriage. finally, bill gates was such a big fan of weezer that every copy of windows 95 came with the full video for ‘buddy holly’.


One thought on “25/01/13

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Hitler may have been as evil as they come, but he was pretty smart, and enjoyed revenge and humiliation more than anyone. Of course, going through all of that in order to humiliate the french is a little bit much, but at the same time, imagine how demoralizing that would had been. It served it’s purpose. Also, the next day, he had the train carriage destroyed by dynamite.

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