today I learned: the term “final solution” wasn’t originally coined by hitler. actually, he studied the work of canada, and more specifically duncan campbell, the superintendent of indian affairs, who came up with the term in 1910 while speaking about the “indian problem” in canada. boo. also, the german poet heinrich heine left his entire fortune to his wife, but under one condition: she had to remarry “because then there will be at least one man to regret my death”. next, in 1959, a pilot ejected from his plane directly into a violent thunder cloud. the storm winds kept him aloft for 40 minutes, pelting him with hailstones and so much rain that at times he had to hold his breath to keep from drowning in mid-air. finally, there was a man so dedicated to april fools, he flew hundreds of tires into a dormant volcano in alaska and set them on fire, fooling the local populace and a coast guard into thinking the volcano was active. friday bonus: avocados are toxic to pretty much everything but humans. THANK GAAAAD FOR THAT AMIRIGHT?! mmmguac.


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