today I learned: astronomers recently discovered an unfathomably large structure just beyond the edge of the known universe that is pulling galaxies towards it at breakneck speeds. some think it could be another universe butting up against ours. also, there is an area in canada (in quebec) with less gravity than the rest of the earth. next, elephants are all evolving smaller tusks due to selection pressure put against the large tusked males by ivory poachers, which allows small tusked males to produce more calves. finally, it was as late as 1985 where doctors believed babies didn’t feel pain, and conducted open-heart surgery on an infant without anesthesia (and we STILL!!!! do circumcisions without it. bah!)


2 thoughts on “02/02/13

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    So you feel bad about circumcisions but not about needles? lol 🙂

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