today I learned:

  • residents of churchill, canada, leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears on main street.
  • the writer roald dahl’s mission, as a spy for the british government, was to seduce powerful US women in order to gather useful intelligence. for this reason, he had to sleep with countless high society women
  • the last duel in canada was between two men who were so terrified of dueling that one fainted and the other was seized by horror. oh, and the guns were loaded with blanks. hahaha.
  • dolly parton thinks it is so important that every child has books to read that she started a foundation that will mail children a free age-appropriate book every month from birth to their 5th birthday.
  • it’s-cheap-chocolate-n-flowers-day-tomorrow-bonus: ex pope benedict XVI doesn’t know how to drive and never got his driver’s license. he does, however, have a helicopter pilot’s license and often flies the papal helicopter. of course the pope would have a helicopter. of course.

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