today I learned:

  • printed dates on food are not required by the FDA and are not intended to mean food safety, only quality. an average american family of four throws out 1,344 pounds (!!) of perfectly good food each year because of the misconception of the meaning of these dates.
  • there’s a reply to “liar liar, pants on fire”, and it’s “I don’t care, I don’t care, I can buy another pair”
  • painting roofs white can actually help lower the temperature of a city and is the quickest and cheapest way that we can help reduce global carbon emissions (other than refraining from eating beef. which no one wants to do…)
  • the reason why spiders’ legs curl up when they die is because a spider uses hydraulic pressure to push liquid into its legs that allow it to move. when it (he…she?) dies, the liquid drains out, causing the legs to curl.
  • laundry-day bonus: the easter island heads actually have bodies that were swallowed by the ground due to the sheer age of the statues. their burial also preserved ancient petroglyphs from erosion! cheeeeck ‘er out!

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