today I learned:

  • there was a german spy sent to canada during WWII, but he decided to use his funds to move to ottawa and then surrendered to canadian authorities, who then let him go because he didn’t do any damage, and never really spied.
  • a couple took in 3 orphans and used them to get extreme makeover: home edition to build them a new house. after the house was built, they kicked the orphans out. dickies.
  • the cars that were given away by oprah cost the recipients up to $7,000 due to the fact that they were marketed as prizes and not gifts (the latter isn’t taxed). many had to forfeit their prize or sell it because they couldn’t afford their “free” car.
  • superman used to be able to project a mini version of himself that had all of his super powers. eventually he became jealous of it and tried to kill it, when the mini superman ended up sacrificing itself to save him (how altruistic, mini superman!)
  • cute bonus: an olympic rower (henry pearce) once stopped mid-race to allow ducklings to pass, and he still won the race.

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