today I learned:

  • steve jobs felt guilty about getting a liver transplant because he was so rich he helped author a law in california requiring the DMV to ask you to be a donor to increase the number of potential organ donors.
  • In 1897, indiana state legislature tried to pass a bill to simplify the value of pi to 3.2
  • japanese macaque monkeys started washing their food before consuming it in 1953. they’ve now evolved to seasoning it, too!
  • jeremy clarkson’s (top gear guy) fondness for wearing jeans has been blamed by some for the decline in sales of denim in the mid-90s, particularly levis, because of their being associated with middle-aged men. this is known, of course, as the “jeremy clarkson effect”
  • friday bonus: in 1993, upon learning that they were to play a show at a venue owned by the church of scientoloy, the band tool became opposed to performing. they played anyway, but maynard (lead singer), spent most of the show baa-ing like a sheep at the audience. I am in love.

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